Dorema Luxor Air 280 Season Awning NEW 2022 Awning


Available for pre-order

The Luxor Air 280 is an exciting new addition to the superb collection of full air awnings. Specially developed, this luxurious design is enhanced by the generous space that the 280cm depth provides.

Incorporating our Easy Air Frame system, the Luxor Air 280 is rapidly inflated from a single external inflation point. Each air tube section can then be isolated for easy maintenance and to preserve the air pressure within each individual section of the main air frame.

The unique shape allows maximum light to enter the awning adding an extra dimension to your comfort and to the joy of seasonal camping.


Depth: 280 cm
Roof material: TenCate All Season coated polyester, printed pattern design on the inside.
Wall material: DormaTex TenCate All Season coated polyester. 
Front panel: Both front panels are fitted with a door and  can be rolled down or zipped out.
Side panels: Both panels are fitted with a full fly screen and can be zipped out to attach a Luxor Air 280 annex. 
Available sizes: 850-1125 cm
Weight: Total weight:  Size 9 = 45 kg / Size 19 = 60 kg (approx.)


A ventilation opening in the ridge of the front panel that can be closed with a zipped panel

Optional extras

2x Safe Lock System kit
Luxor Air Annex
Rechargeable Electric pump
Inner tent annex

        Size Chart

        Awning Size Dimensions
        9 850 - 875 cm
        10 875 - 900 cm
        11 900 - 925 cm
        12 925 - 950 cm
        13 950 - 975 cm
        14 975 - 1000 cm
        15 1000 - 1025 cm
        16 1025 - 1050 cm
        17 1050 - 1075 cm
        18 1075 - 1100 cm
        19 1100 - 1125 cm
        Inner Tent Universal


        To find out what size awning you need for your caravan or motorhome, please see our: Awning Size Guide

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