DC UPS Power Bank

Life's a breeze GB Ltd


This product is a universal high-power, high-capacity portable mobile power bank. This fantastic Power Bank comes equipped with two outputs to handle multiple devices being powered or charged at once.
This device can provide power many items including smart phones, tablets, gaming devices, music devices, digital cameras, PDAs, laptops and LED lights.

Designed in mind for when you go camping and need to power your electrical goods this product has you covered. With a high 8300mah battery you can power your goods for up to 8 hours, with only a 4 hour recharge time.


Built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery 6600/8300mah
Charging input voltage: DC5V-DC14V
Input Current: 1A-5A
Input voltage: output DC 12V and DC5V at the same time (MAX)
Weight: approx 200g
Dimensions: 98mm * 60mm * 22mm
Charging time: approx 2 - 4 hours

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