Quest Windshield Pro Expert Edition



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This is the exclusive performance windbreak by Quest and Westfield Outdoors. It is exclusive to us and has various pat pending designs making it a one of a kind windbreak. This windbreak does not have any guylines at all. It is entirely made up of aluminium poles and fabric.

Once erected this is one if not the strongest windbreak available. Not only is it extremely strong, but due to it’s unique frame system there is no support on your side of the windbreak, allowing you complete freedom of movement. No more tripping over guylines, losing space to pegs, guylines and poles, you get 100% of the space. The adjustable pole system allows for uneven ground and the various pegging points also give you superior defence against the wind. The windbreak can also be slide into the awning channel on your caravan, which allows you to connect it direct to your caravan (or motorhome) and come straight off the vehicle without any gap.

The windshield pro can also be etxended to any size you wish by adding extra panels, or even fitting more windshields together. It can also be extended with the additional door panel which allows you to create a zip access door in your windbreak, which allows tyou to create a complete fenced off area, perfect when trying to keep those pets in and safe.

It’s clever use of existing technology (caravan beading, figure of eight tubing), premium quality fabric (210D fabric), great design features (windows in the top of each panel) and the unique and exclusive frame system gives you a unique windbreak that looks better than others, can be extended to any size, is extremely strong and even comes packed away in its own carry case making it easy to store and carry when not in use.

Hydrotech SP this is a latest generation strong and durable material. It is a brand new 200D oxford polyester based material with a unique durable and UV stable coating that adds strength and stability to the fabric. The fabric is made stronger by the addition of the ripstop giving you a perfect balance between strength, durability and weight. It lasts longer than lightweight materials, is still lightweight and easy to use whilst giving you the durability and strength of a heavyweight material.

Key Features
Premium Quality
Hydrotech SP material
Protection from the sun and wind
Unique pole system means no guylines
Easier to use than guyline versions
Extremely Sturdy and stable
Use 100% of your space
Floor Plates for added stability
Can be connected to another Windshield Pro
Can be extended with additional panel
Can be extended with door panel
Can be slide into standard caravan channel

Canvas: Hydrotech SP
Windows: Superclear Transparent Foil
Frame: Aluminium with oxidized frosting coating
Length: 480 cm (3 panels)
Height: 130 cm
Folded: 110 x 25 x 15 cm.
Weight: 5.9 kg.

Optional Extras
A1040: Windshield pro main unit
A1041: Windhsiled pro additional panel
A1042: Windshield pro door panel
A1043: Windshield pro weather canopy

Joining strip figure of 8 measures 80cm

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