Colorful Bird Scarer Inflatable Ball.

Life's a breeze GB Ltd


Wow what a fantastic edition to the bird scrarer range from Life's a breeze!

Inflatable, wind-activated, humane bird repellent balls with rotating reflective eyes and a streamer tail deters garden pests such as pigeons, seagulls and crows from crops and vulnerable outdoor areas.

With a gentle breeze allowing the inflatable bird scarer to mimic in-flight predator species, repelling bird pests such as pigeons and gulls from vulnerable garden areas.

The ball scrarer is easy to inflate and hang from almost anywhere including trees or our own telescopic flagpoles to protect crops and vulnerable areas of gardens and buildings from bird damage.

The ball bird scrarer can be used to protect fields, orchards, ponds, boats and buildings as well as being used around gardens.

Included are the easy to set up and apply enclosed adhesive reflective stickers into the centre of black circles to form pupils. Tie streamers to the bottom of balloon then inflate the eyeball.


Material: pvc
Color: yellow, white, black
Size: 20CM*20CM*2CM
PLEASE NOTE:  Pump NOT included

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