Quest Aluminium Roof Pole Storm Kit



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A quality aluminium roof pole kit. The kit is make to fit the Westfield Outdoors Easy Cadet, Easy Air 280, Easy Air 350 or Dorado 350. The kit consistrs of one extending aluminium roof pole with easy power grip lock and a high quality easy fit braket pad. The bracket pad ensures that the roof pole doesn't damage your van and the aluminium nature of the pole helps keep the weight down. It allows you to add extra strength and security onto your Easy porch when the weather is against you. Easy to use and fits in seconds.

The bracket pad is attached to the roof on the awning (inside the awning you will see a small (approx. 5-10cm) wide strip of beading in the roof where the bracket pad slides onto) and then stays in place. You then hook the pole in the bracket pad and extended it out into the pocket on the front of the awning. This pole gives you added tension in the roof and added strength against the wind when it is blowing onto the front of your awning.

Key Features
Easy to Use
Fits in Seconds
Power Grip Locks
Adjustable Pole
Easy Fit Bracket Pad

Pole: 19mm Aluminium with Foasted Coating
Length: 135 - 190 cm
Weight: 0.3 kg.
1 x Adjustable Roof Pole
1 x Bracket Pad

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