Rainbow Whirl 10 Panel Hot Air Balloon Ground Spinner

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A Hot Air Balloon for the Garden! The Rainbow Whirl Hot Air Balloon Ground Spinner is made from a full spectrum of stunning rainbow colored Mylar material that throws sparkles in the sun. This Hot Air Balloon Ground Spinner features a new hub and axle system that allows for smooth revolutions. The top plastic hub and basket rotate around a fiberglass axle which extends through the entire height of the balloon.

  • 10 panels of durable, weather resistant, sparkling Mylar material
  • Fiberglass rods hold balloon's shape
  • Weather resistant basket
  • Unique hub and axle construction for smooth revolutions
  • Ships flat - easy to assemble
  • 2-section fiberglass pole with ground stake
  • Assembly note: For use in high winds, we recommend applying a high-strength glue to secure panels in place
  • Size:12" W x 42" H x 12" D

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