Brush 3M Extending Deluxe Wash Brush with Squeegee Attachment



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A high quality extending wash brush. This wash brush can connect directly to your hose and allows you to run water though the brush when in use making it much easier to clean whatever vehicle or item you are cleaning. It can be used to clean cars, minivans, houses, boats, caravans, trucks, conservatories, motor homes and virtually anything else.
The handle can be extended up to 3M in length and shortened to 1.3M when not in use making it easier to store away. The handle features easy to use twist locks making it easy to lengthen or shorten the handle when required. It has an aluminum handle which makes it light to use, rust proof and weatherproof. The soft brushes help prevent scratching and the ergonomic comfort grips make it easy to hold and use.


Easy to Use
Ergonomic Comfort Grips
Aluminum Handle
Will not Scratch
Connects to your hose
Cut off tap on the handle
Rust Proof
Twist Lock Handle
Squeegee with Wiper Blade attachment

ItemCode : C003
Handle: Aluminum
Brush: Soft PVC
Tube: 25mm
Handle Length 1.3 - 3m
Brush Head: 25cm
Weight: 1.44 kg.

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