CADAC Duel Power Pak.



CADAC Duel Power Pak

This power pak, enables low pressure appliances to operate from 2 x threaded gas cartridges.

CADAC’s Dual Power Pak is a simple yet innovative product that provides dual gas supply for small appliances like portable BBQs, heaters and camping stoves. The perfectly portable and lightweight device fits easily into your pack, making it ideal for camping trips or summer picnics.

The Dual Power Pak is designed to be used with CADAC’s Carri Chef 2, Skottel Braai, Grillogas, 2-Cook and Safari Chef LP ranges, however it will work fine with most 28mBar gas appliances.

Thanks to the Power Pak, two x  500g threaded valve gas cartridges (sold separately) will give you sufficient pressure to drive most small to medium gas appliances.

Simply screw the cartridges into the regulator to power most gas appliances

PLEASE NOTE; This listing is for the Duel Power Pak only,

Images of the BBQ and Gas Cannisters are for reference only, NOT supplied with this power pak.

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