Cadac Paella Pan 47cm



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Cadac Paelle Pan

The Cadac 47cm paella pan is lightweight but a thick aluminium non-stick coated pan and is easy to use and clean. Stainless steel handles allow for easy handling and the large pan is ideal for preparing risottos, paellas, pasta dishes, breakfasts and other meals for a large number of people. For use on the Cadac Carri Chef 2 & Braai Range or any other gas or electric hob.
The underside of the pan is a clear, steel machined finish. A convenient storage bag is included.

 The Cadac Paella Pan 47cm now features a Green Grill coating, this latest innovation made from organic ceramic, the Green Grill coating is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It gives improved durability, scratch resistance and coating hardness separates the Green Grill from traditional non-stick coatings without compromising on the ease of cleaning. Green Grill withstands higher temperatures, distributes and retains heat better, resulting in lower gas consumption.

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