Cadac Safari Chef 2 Lid



Cadac Safari Chef 2 Lid

Designed for the Cadac Safari Chef 2, introducing this additional lid can be used with the Cooking Lid/Pot that comes as standard with the Cadac Safari Chef 2. The optional lid, allows you to cook those delicious casseroles sealing in the flavours, or for creating an oven effect when using the enamel lid as a pot. The Cadac Safari Chef 2 Lid is made from aluminium featuring a heat-resistant Bakelite handle.

 High quality vented steel lid(29cm) with heat resistant handle perfect for use with  the Safari Chef wok/pot(not supplied with this listing)

Achieve faster cooking and boiling times as the lid locks in heat helping you prepare fabulous meals faster.

Easy to clean , dishwasher safe and exceptionally durable


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