Clearwater 1LTR Antifoam

Wilton Bradley


Foaming is generally caused by shampoo and deodorants used by hot tub users as well as a person's natural body oils. Showering before entering the hot tub can sometimes help to alleviate foaming caused by oils, deodorants and shampoo, however, foaming can also be a normal symptom of chemicals that are used to treat and keep your water healthy, therefore it is sometimes unavoidable.

This Clearwater® Foam Remover will tackle foaming regardless of its cause and help to return your water to a crystal clear appearance. As with all chemical products, instructions and warnings included with the product should be carefully followed and heeded. Clearwater® Chemicals are manufactured and sold specifically with the Bestway and Lay‑Z‑Spa® in mind, however, they are also enjoyed by other brands of Inflatable Spa and Above Ground Pool users.


  • Controls and prevents foaming
  • Helps give your spa water a crystal clear appearance
  • Suitable for use in any hot tub
  • Tackles foaming regardless of its cause

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