Daisy Pegs



Add a bit of fun to your camping trip. The Daisy peg set from Blue Diamond is an innovative idea that allows you to custom build each individual peg with a different coloured flower head. World of Camping think these will be a big hit at festivals.

The pack contains 20 x 6.5mm gauge pegs and 40 assorted different flower heads, all kept in a handy robust carry case with its own integral peg cleaner.  The high quality steel peg gives all the strength you will need whilst the robust and durable plastic flower head securely anchors your guy line.

The Daisy peg is a great looking product which will add a splash of colour and add some fun to pegging your tent or awning down. Once removed from the ground you can run the peg through the peg cleaner allowing the daisy peg to be stored away in its handy storage box.

Key Features
6.5mm diameter high quality steel peg
Durable plastic flower head in assorted colourways
Robust storage case
Integrated peg cleaner
Original British design

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