Dometic 966 Portable toilet



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Dometic's original 960 series of SaniPottie portable toilets provides recreational boaters with a simple, self-contained toilet system. The reliable bellows-operated flush rinses the bowl clean every time.

The simple, self-contained and adult-sized SaniPottie 966 Portable Toilet provides recreational boaters with convenience and user-friendly performance. The bellows-style flush delivers a bowl-clearing rinse every time.

 Its durable, easy-to-clean construction and secure locking side latches ensure a reliable performance for a long time. With a 5 gal. (18.9 l) waste tank capacity and 2.6 gal. (9.8 l) freshwater tank. Available in attractive parchment or platinum colours.

Key Features
High-density polyethylene construction withstands demanding conditions
Easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant finish
Secure-locking side latches
Available with 2.5 or 5.0 gal. waste tank
Durable construction

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