Dorema Onyx 270 Seasonal Awning


Available for pre-order


The Onyx 270 is the new addition to our ‘Gem’ collection. Its curved lines are
wonderfully complimented by the sleek and elegant design.
Keeping in line with our passion, the 270cm depth with the extra deep sun canopy
enhances space and creates an extra dimension to the joy of camping.
This fantastic new awning incorporates our unique detachable mud wall system
for easy maintenance.
Introducing the latest technologies, this truly amazing new addition caters to the
differing needs and demands of today’s and tomorrow’s campers.


Key Features

Material Roof: TenCate All Season coated polyester, printed
pattern design on the inside.
Material Sides: TenCate All Season heavy quality coated polyester.
Frontpanels: Both front panels are fitted with a door and can be rolled down or zipped out.
Sidepanels: Both panels are fitted with a door and can be zipped out. Full fly screen fitted to both side panels.


Depth: 270 cm + 50 cm canopy
Sizes: 850 - 1050
Colour: charcoal / grey
Frame: 28 mm EasyGrip steel
Combined weight (canvas + frame):
Onyx 270 Size 9 = 56 kg / Size 16 = 74 kg
Onyx 270 sun canopy 20 kg (approx.)

Optional extras

SafeLock System Kit
Lightweight ALU EasyGrip Quick
System frame upgrade
Annex De Luxe XL
Inner tent XL
Roof Support poles
Veranda pole
Starlon carpet
Onyx sun canopy (depth 200 cm)
Onyx sun canopy side panel se

        Size Chart

        Awning Size Dimensions
        5 750 - 775 cm
        6 775 - 800 cm
        7 800 - 825 cm
        8 825 - 850 cm
        9 850 - 875 cm
        10 875 - 900 cm
        11 900 - 925 cm
        12 925 - 950 cm
        13 950 - 975 cm
        14 975 - 1000 cm
        15 1000 - 1025 cm
        16 1025 - 1050 cm
        Annex De Luxe XL
        Inner Tent
        Upgraded 28mm EasyGrip Steel Frame Please Call the Office.
        Upgraded 28mm EasyGrip Aluminium Frame Please Call the Office.
        Upgraded 28mm EasyGrip Fibre Frame Please Call the Office.

        To find out what size awning you need for your caravan or motorhome, please see our: Awning Size Guide

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