Drive Away Kit 4mm - 6mm Beading (grey)



A excellent quality universal drive away kit. The kit makes it easier to disconnect your awning from your van. It comes complete with a xm strip of double sided beading with 4mm beading on one side and 6mm beading on another, with x number of figure of eight tubing. The kit can be cut down to any size from its maximum length to suite your requirement. It is universal in application and can be used on motorhome awnings, caravan awnings or any awning that using awning channel and beading.
It can also be used to convert from 4mm beading to standard 6mm beading.


High quality
Grey in colour
Easy to use
Makes disconnecting your awning easier
Can be cut to any size
Universal in use
Converts 4mm to 6mm fixings

Materials and Dimensions

ItemCode : 120003
Beading: Double edged beading, 6mm on side and 4mm beading the other (7 and 5mm outside measurement)
Width of beading strip: 3.8 cm
Length of beading strip: 300 cm
Figure of eight: 4 pieces
Length of figure of eight: 75 cm.
Packed size: 75 x 10 x 7.5 cm
Packed weight: 0.9 kg.

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