European Travel Kit



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An essential packaged set to leave in your car, Motorhome, or any vehicle while travelling, and more importantly while driving abroad ,as many countries now require these items to be on board your vehicle by law.
No one wants to break down, but having this kit will enable you to be safe and also to let other road users of any dangers that may be around them.
Comes with a free GB Sticker.

Kit Includes:

  1. Warning Triangle x 1 - Designed According to European Standard ECE R27.Size: Min100m, Max 200m
  2. Collapsible Safety Cone x 1- Size when stored:4.5cm x 24 cm x 24 cm. Size when extended: 41.5cm x 24cm x 24 cm. Packs flat for easy storage, Extends to full height in seconds. High visibility with reflective bands.
  3. Safety Vests, Family Pack - Adults:Chest size 44"- 50", Childs: Chest Size : 19"-33.Conforms to EN2047(ADULT) and EN1150(CHILD)High Visibility vests with reflective strips.
  4. Mini First Aid Kit. Contents: 12 x washproof plasters.4 x Alcohol free wipes.2x Burn/wound lint pads.2 x Non-Adherent dressings.

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