Henry the VIII Royal Standard banner flag

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Henry VIII Banner.

If you love History, and especially the Tudor Period, then take a look at our stunning new Banner Flag.

The Medieval Standard banner was usually around 8ft in length, Tudor Heralds determined different lengths according to rank and nobility .

This beautiful Historic Tudor banner flag, with the St George's Cross , followed by the Red Dragon and the Tudor Red Rose with the Fleurs-de -lys and the wording , which is written in French: Diev Et Mon Droyt, meaning ; God and my right,was used during Henry VIII reign.

This banner will fly from a life's a breeze  pole from 5m upwards.

The Banner flag is only printed on one side, it is not a double sided print.



Henry the V111 Royal Standard banner flag

Flag size:  (70cm x 200cm)Approx
Material: 100% polyester
Weight: 0.4 kg
Packaging Dimensions: 0.5 × 0.5 cm


To fly your flag from a flag pole you will need two 100mm flag bungees to secure the flag.

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