Jackite American Bald Eagle



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The Eagle looks quite real and attracts many admiring onlookers as it flaps its wings and soars across the air. You can fly it somewhat as you would a fighter kite, making it change direction by releasing some line and taking it up again. As the wind dies down, the Eagle slowly floats, wings still (not flapping) as if it was hunting an elusive prey to pounce on just like an Eagle would. 

They beat their wings, bank on the air emulating a real bird. Made of durable Tyvek. Fly one from your flag pole and people will think you really do have a Bird on a string. All Birds are assembled just complete three simple steps and its ready to fly.

Constructed by durable Tyvek.

Size: Wingspan 5 feet.
Comes with a free line rig to attach to your telescopic windsock pole.

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