Life's a breeze Supersize Rainbow Octopus

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Life's a breeze Supersize Rainbow Octopus Kite for Kids and Adults. The octopus Kite flies right out the bag with no assembly required. You will enjoy the ease of flight in a wide range of wind conditions and love the moving tentacles and googly eyes.

Boasting weather-resistant polyester and 4 meter long, silky tails, this kite gets up into the air fast. Parents looking to pass down the unique skill of kite flying will love this unique frameless, parafoil kite. By forgoing the traditional structure frame, you and your child can instead get outside and start flying immediately. And with durable Polyester to support its structure and long, flowing tails, you'll enjoy how easy it is to sail across the sky and then store when you're done.


Size: 120 x 130 cm, tail 400 cm
Material:  Polyester 210T
Frame: No Frame
Handle: Tyre line 80m

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