Premium reversible thermal cabin set



 These are premium thermal, reversible vehicle blinds, designed and made in the UK. They use premium materials throughout to give the very best performance and durability. They will last for years and give excellent results. They are reversible giving you added performance and functionality. The blinds are covered under an extended 2 year warranty giving you piece of mind as well.
First they are made using 4 layers for the very best performance possible. They have a reflective outer coating which reflects the heat away. Then they have a two layers of air pockets in the middle which give excellent heating and cooling properties as they air pockets stop heat transfer so you do not lose heat out when it is cold, but when it is hot you don’t get the heat coming in. Then they have a damp resistant, UV protection and blackout layer giving added protection for your vehicle.
The blinds are then finished with a premium edging which not only looks great but adds strength and durability to the blinds making them perform better and last longer than their rivals.
The blinds are reversible, which means you can have the reflective layer pointing towards or inwards the choice is yours. This gives you extra options but also improves the warming factor during the cold. When the reflective layer is pointing in the blinds reflect heat back into the van giving even better thermal performance which you do not get if they are not reversible. This added ability, combined with the double air pocket layer give these blinds outstanding thermal performance, far more than their cheaper rivals.
These are tailor made, vehicle specific blinds making them fit perfectly every time ensuring the best possible all round performance. This precise fit combined with the UV layer ensures that you get blackout performance even during hot, bright days. This also gives added protection for your vehicle by protecting it from the suns harmful rays that damage and discolour the interior of your vehicle.
The blinds are also stronger than the cheaper rivals and the 4 layers gives them added rigidity which helps them stay in place far better than the cheaper flimsy rivals. This also means they require fewer suckers to work and this in turn makes them easier and quicker to fit. The suckers on the blinds are also premium versions which stick extremely well with just a simple, light push on the back of them. These do not need to be pushed too hard, or dry out and require moisture to work. These work extremely well straight away and the clever design for the revisable nature of the blinds means that even if the suckers stay on the window when you take the blinds down it does not do any damage at all and al you do is pull the sucker off afterwards and pop it back onto the blind afterwards without causing any issues. This also makes removing the blinds extremely simple and only takes seconds.
The blinds themselves are extremely lightweight and pack down into their own carry bag making them easier to store and carry when not in use.

This cabin set is made to cover the front windscreen, the drivers door window and passengers door window.


Made and designed in the UK.
Extended 2 year warranty.
Premium materials throughout.
4 Layer for the very best performance.
Premium edging.
Reversible for added functionality.
Tailer made, vehicle specific for the best fit.
Added privacy.
Blackout light performance.
UV Protection for the interior of your vehicle.
Easier to fit.
Premium suckers for even easier fitting.
No damage removable suckers.
Only takes seconds to fit and remove.
Comes complete with carry bag.

Materials and Dimensions

Material : 4 Layer maximum performance fabric
Layers : 1 x Infrared Reflective Premium Coated Foil, 2 x Inner Air Pocket Heating / Cooling System, 1 x Polyester Damp Resistant UV Protect Layer
Fits : Citroen Relay &Jumper, Peugeot Boxer, Flat Ducato 2006 onwards
Number of blinds : 3

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