Quest Falcon 325 Poled Drive Away Awning LOW TOP



The Falcon is a drive away awning that comes in two different sizes and fits heights between 180 - 210 and 240-270cm high. As the Falcon is a drive away awning it means that it is designed to be pitched and then connected to your vehicle, but allows you to discount the awning from your vehicle and drive away, leaving the awning pitched, ready for you to drive back and reconnect. As the Falcon is a poled annex the canvas is easier to pack down and away than its air rivals, as without the air beams inside the canvas you'll find it easier to fold and roll away into its carry bag. Then match that to the sizes shown in the table below.

The awning has features such as full mesh doors, roll down, half or full blinds, roll up front panel, sun canopy front (if used with the optional universal canopy pole kit, which is purchased separately). It also has a feature nobody else does: A built in drive away kit : The tunnel beading can be zipped on or off which allows you to use it without the need for a drive away kit and gives you a better connection than when used with a drive away kit. All this plus a very small pack size, light weight and amazing value makes the Falcon an excellent awning for the weekend, first timers, the budget conscious and just about  anyone after an easy to use lightweight drive away awning.

The awning is all about ease of use and value. It features an easy to use, minimal quick-fit pole system. This minimal quick fit pole system is quick to put together, lightweight and adjustable to help ensure the best pitching even on uneven ground. Poles are kept to a minimum and only has two poles to ensure that it is quick and easy to erect, helping to ensure that t

Quest Tec75 is an extremely lightweight fabric making it easy to use, quick drying and easy to roll and fold making your awning easier to pack away. The fabric itself is a 75D polyester with a hydrostatic head of 3,000mm.

This is our minimal quick-fit frame which is designed to use a few poles as possible to make it easier and quicker to pitch.

This product can be pitched by one person Before we award this feature we test the product ourselves by pitching it with one person to be 100% sure that it can be done easily enough to claim single person pitch.

The pack size of this product is very small. Thanks to the lightweight fabric which rolls and folds down very small and the minimal quick-fit frame you end up with a very small packed away size.

This product is very lightweight, which makes it easier to use and pack away. The light weight nature helps towards it being single person pitch as it is easy to pull through the awning channel yourself.

The fabric on this product has been UV treated. This means that it not only protects you (and gets a 50+ UV rating) it also protects itself and helps the product last longer.

This product has been designed for maximum views, allowing for extra light into the awning and better views when inside the awning, all of which add up to a better experience when using the awning.

Built in drive away kit. This awning does not need a drive away kit as it is built in. This means it is easier to fit and fits better than models which need a drive away kit.

Vehicle connection height: 180-210
Awning only Weight: 7 kg.
Total Weight: 12kg.
Packed size : 80 x 28 x 28 cm.
Warranty: 12 months.
Fabric: Quest Tec75
Windows: Crystal clear foil
HH: 3,000 mm
U.P.F.Rating: 50+


Optional Extras
Storm roof pole
Universal rear leg poles (pair)
Toggle in fully tubbed groundsheet
Pop up inner tent
Universal canopy pole kit
Drive away kit
LED lighting


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