Quest Screen House 6



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This is the Quest Screen House 6. The original and still the best quick erect shelter on the market. The Screen House 6 is available in two sizes and is simply the original, quickest, easiest and best gazebo on the market. It has 6 sides and is built and designed so one person can erect (or take it down) in less than one minute.

There is nothing to build, put together, tension or inflate, you simply take it out of the bag, unfold it and pull/push the sides and roof and it springs into position - fully set up and ready to peg. It uses the latest generation premium hub system which has been improved on again making it smaller, lighter and more durable, whilst maintaining its ease of use and ability to be repaired if required. It comes with pegging points on every corner and in the middle of each side giving you great ground anchorage. It has storm straps on every side ensuring it stays up in adverse weather and makes it sturdier than any gazebo you are used to. The premium Pmesh panels are built in, these help keep you warmer in the wind and cooler in the sun, but allow the air to flow ensuring no gas build up can occur inside. The roof is waterproof so it keeps the water off and the U.V. coated Quest Tec 210 material gives you a U.V. rating of 50+ keeping you safe from the Sun's rays.

The screen house gives you a huge amount of usable space as the sides spring out ensuring you can use 100% of the space inside. The screen house has fully screen sides all around so there is nothing to add afterwards. The screen walls stop those pesky insects getting and actually help keep the wind at bay, but allows airflow to keep it cool. In sunny weather the UV coating and shade from the roof along with the fully screened sides actually make the inside of the screen house cooler than the outside.

Easy to put up, just as easy to take down and pack away, the screen house is the perfect addition to any outdoor living space, it is both shelter from bad weather, shade from good weather and added privacy when you need it.

Key Features
6 Sided Gazebo, Screen House or Event Shelter
Exclusive Premium hub system
Premium Pmesh sides - Great views and no wind chill
Goes up or down in under 1 minute
5 Fully screened sides
1 x Fully screened double door
Nothing to put together
Storm straps and pegs included
Waterproof fully taped roof
Highest UV rating possible
Can be fitted with optional side wall blinds.
Huge internal space
Large enough to accommodate a 6 piece patio set

Canvas: Quest Tec 210
Hub: Premium hub system
Mesh: Quest Pmesh premium mesh
Frame: Solid fibreglass
UV Rating: 50+
HH: 2000 mm.
Side Size : 180 x 210 cm.
Floor Size: 300 x 360 cm.
Height: 180 - 220 cm.
Folded: 185 x 18 x 18 cm.
Total Weight: 15.5 kg.
Screen House Only Weight: 14 kg. box dimensions 188.00cmx21cmx21cm

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