Quest Serial LED Light



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Low wattage, excellent quality LED light. Suitable for most caravan awnings, tents, porches, gazebos (some extra fittings may be required), sheds, playhouses and much much more. Fits all Quest Elite awnings, porches and lightweights. The light features the latest extra bright LED's which give out an excellent light especially in dark conditions. The light is very low wattage (11w) and stays cool when in use.

The lights can also be used in serial (i.e. chained together) and can be used without the need for a switch (i.e. plugged directlry into the socket). The light comes with a 5M cable, a 240v UK plug, a 12v cigarrette lighter plug, an inline switch and 2 double clips for fitting to poles. CE marked and RoHS compliant.

Key Features
Great for awnings, tents, gazebos, sheds, playhouses and more.
Extra Bright LED's
Multiple lights can be linked together
Low Wattage.
Can be used with or without the switch
Stays cool during use
Gives Out Excellent Light.
Dual Voltage.
Inline Switch.

1 x LED Light
1 x Power Cable
1 x 240v UK Mains plug
1 x 12v Cigarette Lighter plug
1 x Cable with inline switch
2 x Pole Clips
Voltage: 12v/240v.
Wattage: 11w
Frequency: 50/60 hz.
Light Length 120 cm.
Total Cable Length: 5m.
Maximum Number of chained lights: 3
Weight: 0.65kg

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