Shark Kite. Childrens Kite 6 Foot.

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Shark Kite. Childrens Kite 6ft.

These giant sea fish will turn into being the predator of the sky. Being very easy to fly and great fun turning heads where ever these Kites are flown.

One of our top selling kites! This 6' 3D Shark is a blast to watch as it swims across the sky! The tooth lined jaws open to allow air to flow through the body of the shark creating a sensational 3D effect. The tail whips from side to side as the kite swims gracefully through the blue sky.

These sharks are fun for the whole family!


Colour: Black / White
Size: 72in x 60in

  • Weather resistant ripstop fabric and fiberglass rods
  • Applique design
  • 3-point bridle for added stability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Kite line with handle and kite bag included
  • Recommended wind range: 6 to 20 MPH

Sail: Quality Nylon

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