St George Cross Royal Standard of England banner flag

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St George Cross Banner Flag

The royal standards of England were narrow, tapering swallow-tailed heraldic flags, of considerable length, used mainly for mustering troops in battle, in pageants and at funerals, by the monarchs of England In high favour during the Tudor period the Royal English Standard was a flag that was of a separate design and purpose to the Royal Banner.. It featured St George's Cross at its head, followed by a number of heraldic devices, a supporter, badges or crests, with a motto but it did not bear a coat of arms.The Royal Standard changed its composition frequently from reign to reign, but retained the motto Dieu et mon droit, meaning God and my right; which was divided into two bands: Dieu et mon and Droyt.

Our amazing banner flag has been designed by the Life's a breeze team.With the St George cross at the front, followed by  a lion of England, imperially crowned.

A beautiful product to fly from a life's a breeze flag pole.

 This banner flag is printed  single sided, Not doubled sided

St George Cross Royal Standard of England banner flag

Flag size:  (70cm x 200cm) Approx
Material: 100% polyester
Weight: 0.4 kg
Packaging Dimensions: 0.5 × 0.5 cm


To fly your flag from a flag pole you will need two 100mm flag bungees to secure the flag.

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