Thetford Aqua Kem Green 1.5L



The Aqua Kem Green is a powerful, environmentally conscious cleaner that helps to keep your waste holding tank clean and smelling great. It's easy to use and, once applied, will liquefy any waste and reduce gas build up, making your job of emptying the waste tank much more pleasant.

Aqua Kem Green has been tested for use in Septic Tanks, meaning you can dispose of your waste in a environmentally friendly way. Make your holiday even more stress-free by choosing the no.1 selling toilet additive for mobile toilets.

Key Features
Recommended dose = 150ml Aqua Kem Green + 3L fresh water to every 20L waste tank water.
Refresh every 4-5 days
Septic Tanks
Stays liquid below -20°c
Remains active after defrosting
Protects moving parts and prolongs life of toilet


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