Toilet Fresh Up Set. Thetford Toilet Fresh Up set C200



Thetford C200 NEW Style.
The Thetford Fresh-up Toilet set is ideal if you are wanting to freshen up your old and worn Toilet with out having to purchase a complete new unit, or better still you may have purchased a second hand caravan and would like to replace part of the toilet, so in effect you now have a new unit for your use. This boxed set contains a new waste holding tank, a new toilet seat and lid.

The Thetford C200 Fresh Up Set is essentially a new toilet without having to replace the entire unit! Featuring a brand new toilet seat and lid, as well as a brand new replacement holding tank.

Thetford C200 Fresh-Up Set Contents:

  • 1 x Waste Holding Tank and handle
  • 1 x Toilet Seat &
  • 17 Litre capacity



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