Whale Mains Water Connection



The easy way to draw water from the mains supply into the caravan, with no electrical connections required. Provides protection against flooding as an automatic valve will stop water spraying when plug is removed.

Key Features
No need to carry heavy water containers
Allows a reliable continuous supply of water
Delivers water without using battery power
Suitable for use with caravans and motorhomes with either microswitch or pressure switch systems
Regulates mains water pressure to nominal 1.5 bar (max. 1.8 bar)
Ideal for use in UK and European Parks with mains water hook-up facilities

Lay flat hose for easy storage

Kit includes:
Adaptor to fit Truma Ultraflow Socket Housings
Easy storage lay flat hose 7.5 metres
Unique Easi-Push plug connector

Built-in factory set pressure regulator

Ensure your Aquasource is unplugged when not in use or when van is unattended
Ensure Aquasource Mains Hook Up is kept in a clean dry storage area away from direct sunlight when not in use
Can be used as a hose pipe by fitting the plug adaptor to the plug which will allow water to flow

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