Magnetic Driveaway Kit

Outdoor Revolution


The Outdoor Revolution Mag-Connect Awning Connector is a simple yet brilliant method to attach your driveaway awning to your campervan without the need of an awning rail. Made from easily wipeable and tough PVC, the connector contains 4 flat strip magnets & 5 powerful neodymium magnets to achieve a secure fixing to your campervan & simply attaches to your driveaway awning cowl with figure of 8 strips (included). Coupled with loops to attach storm straps in adverse weather conditions for extra security. 

The 'Magnetic Drive-Away Strip' is the newest form of a drive away kit. Simply attach the magnetic strip to the top of your vehicle in the desired position, hold the cowl up to the other side of the strip and then thread the 'Figure of 8 Strips' onto both awning piping. Alternatively, thread the awning piping to the strip, before magnetising to the vehicles roof. The magnetic strip has three storm strap loops, in which we recommend purchasing some 'Endurance Storm Straps' to secure the magnetic strip. 


4 x Magnetic Strips and 5 x neodymium magnets for powerful grip
4 x Figure ‘8’ Strips
3 x Storm Strap Loops for Securing Strip Suitable for use on Low to Mid vehicles with a height of 180cm - 240cm
Suitable only for vehicle with a steel roof
Fabric: Durable heavy duty PVC
Weight: 1kg
Size: 270cm x 28cm
Product Code: OR16020 Barcode: 5060105567087

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