Yello Rubber Mallet with Wooden Handle

Wilton Bradley


The Rubber Mallet is perfect for securing tent pegs. Unlike a metal hammer the rubber head won’t bend, buckle and render them useless. By pounding pegs firmly in the ground it’ll ensure that a tent doesn’t blow away in the wind and leave you exposed to prying eyes or stormy weather.The mallet has a durable wooden handle and can withstand a vast amount of pummelling power. Not only is it great for camping but it can also be used for jobs where careful application of force is required. For example, it’s particularly handy if you’re doing woodwork!
  • 6cm (D) 10cm (W) 29cm (H)
  • Weighs an impressive 500 grams
  • Durable wooden handle
  • Hard wearing rubber head
  • Perfect for securing tent pegs

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